• Samuel Sutch



    Most recently from Montana, I moved to San Francisco to go to film school.

  • Nolan Mecham



    Still crazy after all these years

  • Chris Mulkey



    Chris is a cinematographer living in San Francisco, CA attending the Academy of Art University.

  • Eric Golowski



    Cinematographer living in SF. Attending the Academy of Art University for Cinematograph.

  • Griffin Lamfers

    Director of Photography


    Cinematographer in San Francisco attending Academy of Art University.


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SamuraiFilms Blog

  1. Epidemic 2008 - The Real Story

    I ended up submitting the longer version of Jamie Scott: Dichotomy to Epidemic because an older crowd of people liked the longer version better. Really, that's not even true, because I think they were all confused over which one they liked more. In the end, and perhaps it was a mistake, I submitted my longer version of Jamie Scott: Dichotomy to Epidemic. Unfortunately I wanted to change that version a bit more but instead I left it as is.

    I did however somewhat re-master a few shots from Associates, hopefully making it safer for a larger screen. The real Epidemic version of that will be uploaded soon (it's rendering right now). Full disclosure: I also modified a title card.

    Epidemic is on April 11'th at the Castro Theatre in San Francisco, California. If you're in the area, general admission is extremely cheep! Hope to see you there!

    By: Samuel Sutch on 2008-03-30 Attached to: Jamie Scott: Dichotomy
  2. New Dichotomy Cut

    Welcome to the new SamuraiFilms blog. This blog will chronicle SamuraiFilms productions as accounted mostly by me, director, Sam Sutch. I also will post updates to new cuts of films, or simply accompany films with posts further explaining the production.

    I originally started the new cut of Dichotomy (full name: "Jamie Scott: Dichotomy") because this project was dual-purposed as a school assignment for two classes, Motion Picture Language and Edit 2, the latter of which required the piece be three minutes or less. When I started cutting I realized how much effectiveness was gained by shortening it. I also re-scored the entire piece with some more wonderful music from Kevin MacLeod. I liked the new cut so much that I decided to use it as the cut that I'm submitting to Epidemic.

    By: Samuel Sutch on 2008-03-06 Attached to: Jamie Scott: Dichotomy - Alt Cut